Here's how we can get to know each other and stay in touch

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Here's how we can get to know each other and stay in touch


I'll be honest.

Until a few years ago, I made myself available to anyone who wanted to talk to me, and it was easy to waste time without reaching a concrete solution. Now, I understand that before engaging in discussions, we need to get to know each other: only then can even 10 minutes become valuable and provide immediate insights. That’s why my advice is to subscribe to my Friday morning newsletter to get to know me, learn about my thoughts, and see how I communicate with people. And if you want to introduce yourself, write to me—I always respond to all my subscribers.

But there’s more: by subscribing, you can book a 15-minute video call with me every Friday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. You can share your projects with me and ask me anything you want.

Silvia Podetti

Tiziana Tentoni Projects Coordinator

A non-practicing geologist and a professionally trained pianist, I am above all a voracious listener of music (and silence).

As a devoted hiker, with just the right touch of wildness, I love escaping into Mother Nature whenever I can. A fan of Beethoven and Pearl Jam, I can be described as a “classical” rock girl.