The talent of 4 young artists, online training and creativity.

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The talent of 4 young artists, online training and creativity.



TALENT is the section dedicated to young emerging talents. Thanks to my teaching activity, I have the privilege of meeting promising young artists who are venturing into the profession.

I select four of them and follow them for one year pro bono, supporting them in marketing and promotion strategies on the web and social media.. 

If you want to get to know them, simply click on their photos.


The online Academy to learn how to manage artists’ careers and navigate the world of digital marketing.

On-demand courses as well as live training programs on topics such as digital marketing, career management, and social media.

All aimed and focused on artists and professionals working in classical music.


Creating one’s own visual identitystrengthening brand identity and becoming recognizable, developing a website that is accessible from any device and easy to navigate, optimizing social media with targeted marketing strategies, and promoting activities through the new frontiers of digital marketingare now essential elements for professionals, companies and institutions in classical music.

Digital resources offer a crucial and unmissable opportunity to establish a strong online presence, grow concert activities, increase audiences and improve sales.

I select projects that excite me and where I believe I can make a difference.

Silvia Podetti

Project Coordinator of Amusart

Project Coordinator of Amusart A non-practicing geologist and a professionally trained pianist, I am above all a voracious listener of music (and silence).

As a devoted hiker, with just the right touch of wildness, I love escaping into Mother Nature whenever I can. A fan of Beethoven and Pearl Jam, I can be described as a “classical” rock girl.

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